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Welcome to Luxury Extreme Escort - High Class Escort Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin, Germany, International


Luxury Extreme Escort offers you something out of the ordinary – an erotic service specially tailored to your erotic desires and preferences, to stimulate body and mind likewise. A synergy you will be sure to like.

In pursuit of sensuality and passion, there are no rules. Each person derives their individual character as well as their concepts of eroticism from their varied experiences and backgrounds. Erotic fantasies are just as varied, no matter how unusual a fantasy may appear to anyone else.

Take your time while perusing our elegant and creative ladies. You’ll find intelligence paired with emotions, while each one of them possesses her individual understanding of passion and eroticism. Seize your chance to make even your most secret desires come true, in utmost style.
For example take a look at our High Class Escorts in Berlin.

Chloe, Susann and Mara are more than happy to assist YOU with your choice.

New Feedbacks on High Class Escort Ladies Germany & International 

November 2017

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Leonie
Dear Mara and Susann
I appreciate your assistance during my trip to Germany  and US . Thank you. Recalling Frankfurt, It  is remembered as one of most fantastic night to be with Leonie, beautiful and intellectual lady. Please leave my warmest regards to her.

High Class Escort Cologne: Yasmin
thank you for organizing my meeting with Yasmin, yesterday. I had a wonderful evening and Yasmin is beautiful, smart, engaging and fun. I had a great evening of chats and frolics that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Please thank Yasmin for me!

Photo Model Escort Frankfurt: Nane
Meeting was just great. If ever you could  meet NANE, don't miss the opportunity!

October 2017

High Class Escort Vienna: Milena
Thank you very much for your support and arranging my meeting with Milena - I am impressed by her personality and beauty. We had great time together and I found Milena a great interlocutor and lover - please send my best wishes to her.

High Class Escort Stuttgart: Marie
After Liliana here is another light, a new star, an angel in my heaven!
The next few days will be terribly difficult or maybe I'll stay in the area to find my soul mate.
MARIE is more shy, more reserved but ... she speaks to your heart, she dreams what you dream, she makes the place a better world. Please pass along my thanks and admiration to her.

High Class Escort Mallorca: Gisele
Just a short feedback about Gisele. She is really great. Strong personality, charming, good sens of humor, beautiful body, loves sex.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Liliana
My dear,
I have no words to express my gratitude. I spent one of the most beautiful nights of my life with this angel. Why is life so complicated and so cruel? Why do not I have the chance to live this sweetness and happiness on a basis daily? You have my gratitude forever.
Thank you

September 2017

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Melody
I had a superb time with Melody -thank you so much! My only regret is that the 4 hours were way too short - we spent the first two hours having a great conversation over dinner. Then I discovered that Melody had brought a small suitcase full of BDSM toys which made for another two amazing hours of play time. For anyone with some BDSM experience looking for a sub to play with, she's the one! Next time I'll definitely book her for longer.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Melody
Please send along my warmest regards to the lovely Melody:  intelligence, beauty, personality and enthusiasm, what more could you ask for?  Superb.

High Class Escort Julie & Nalani:
I owe you a big thank you for recommending Julie and Nalani. They are both extremely pretty, charming, intelligent and very sensual ladies. We had a great time. My only regret was having not met them before. I intend to change that. You should be very proud of those ladies. I also want to thank you for the great organization and information. Both You and Susan did a great job to ensure everything goes smoothly

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Noemi
I had a wonderful time again today. This is complete satisfaction delivered by Luxury Extreme two times in a row now. I met with Noemi today and I am really amazed at the quality of the ladies your agency manages.
Noemi was gorgeous, petite, compliant and quite enjoyable. She did everything possible to satisfy my needs. She also honoured my dressing request totally. Please pass on my ticklish regards to the beautiful Noemi.
Also, please pass on my appreciation to Chloe for being patient with my communication, gathering my requirements and arranging the rezendevous at short notice.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Diana
Thank you for recommending Diana. She was exquisitely beautiful with a charming smile and an alluring body.
However, the best part was not just her looks. I liked her attitude and mindset the best. She took the time to understand my needs and delivered better than my expectations. She was sweet, open minded and humble. Please pass on my regards and appreciation for her. Hopefully, I will be able to see her when I am in Germany again.

August 2017

High Class Escort Berlin: Allesia
Here's some brief feedback on my date with Allesia.  To put my comments into perspective, I should note that I'm notoriously picky and not that easy to please. With that in mind, the short summary is that the rendez-vous with Allesia was the best date I ever had (I have used several of the other German agencies of international renown in the past).  She's very smart, curious, and highly ambitious---our dinner conversation was sheer pleasure.  But then she's also incredibly beautiful in a completely natural manner, and the intimate part of the evening was hot, uninhibited, and absolutely luxurious.  What a woman.  As you said, she's also very sweet! Thank you for arranging the date.  I anticipate it won't be the last one.

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Paloma
I had a great time with Paloma - thank you! She's a great conversationalist and we had almost as much fun talking at the bar as we had later in my room. I was very pleasantly surprised by her warm and caring personality as well as the breadth of topics we talked about. But this was just a prelude to one of the best and most intense experiences I have had in a long time. I'm not going to go into the private details - let's just say Paloma is a lioness in private, and if you tame her, you will be rewarded with an intense experience that you won't easily forget.

High class Escort Berlin: Lara
Thank you for organizing the date with Lara. Do send her my regards, it was an absolute pleasure spending time with her and getting to know her.

High Class Escort Cologne: Yasmin
Thank you for setting up the date with Yasmin.
She could not have been more charming as a conversationalist and more accommodating. She is a true gem! Thank you!

High Class Escort Frankfurt: Noemi
Just left Noemi, very good meeting indeed, I would highly recommend spending time with her.

July 2017

High Class Escort Berlin: Allesia
I had a very nice time with Allesia. She is a charming, friendly and affectionate young lady with a good head on her shoulders. I couldn't have asked for more.

High Class Escort Berlin: Lara
Please read her great FEEDBACK at CAPTAIN69

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